The Kalaa Story

Kalaa curates a diverse range of Indian artisanal products, including self-care, wellness and handicrafts. These products are carefully handcrafted by skilled artisans who specialize in traditional crafts, preserving the artistic traditions and cultural heritage of India. Kalaa provides a platform for Indian artisans to showcase their creations to a wider audience, fostering appreciation for their craftsmanship and supporting their livelihoods.

Kalaa's line of self-care and wellness products are branded “Khadi Traditional” as they are sourced through the Khadi Village Industries Commission of India (KVIC) program. The word “Khadi” gained prominence during India’s freedom movement and symbolizes self-reliance, simplicity, and empowerment. These products are inspired by India's traditional wisdom and incorporate natural ingredients and techniques that have been passed down through generations. From skincare and haircare to bath and body essentials, Khadi Traditional products provide effective and nourishing solutions derived from Indian herbs and plants, while embracing the holistic approach of self-care.

Through Kalaa, customers can explore and experience the beauty of Indian artistry and cultural traditions. Our mission is to offer a diverse range of products, promote sustainability, fair trade practices, and support for artisans in rural India. Kalaa enables individuals to connect with the heritage and craftsmanship of India while enjoying high-quality and authentic creations.